Decisions to make – no idea what to do?

Decisions to makeThat feeling that we’ve got to decide something. And we go back and forth in your mind. Yes, No. No, Yes. Maybe. I don’t know. Why is to so hard to know what I want? What is my truth? Why can’t I just make up my mind?



The small niggling decisions. The choices that are the biggies in life.

  •  Quit my job?
  • Which school to send the children to?
  • Should I break up?
  • Where to go for holidays?
  • Shall I try to become a mom without having a partner?
  • Travel for a while?
  • Do I want to share my life with this person?
  • Finish this study or walk away?
  • Do I want children?
  • Should we move home, country or stay put?
  • Left or right? Up or down? Yes or no?

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Online Coaching Programme: Turning Confusion Into Clarity


Gosh what a constant battle can we create inside of ourselves. And we really want to find the answer, but it’s just not coming. Driving us mad. Why is it so hard to find our truth?


Online Coaching Programme: Turning Confusion Into Clarity

5 modules – ten minute video per day 

With insights from psychology; explaining the why, what and how of what’s happening for you. And most of all, full of coaching exercises to help you get out of this feeling of being stuck. WATCH THE FIRST MODULE COMPLETELY FOR FREE.

The program is about making decisions, connecting with your intuition, listing to our heart and how to overcome our fears. It’s about letting go of the familiar, daring to step into the unknown and life a live that’s TRUE to YOURSELF.

Curious: click here for a video that explains all you need to know to decide (oh no, another decision to make!) if you are in.


Hope to see you there. Let’s get some peace back in your head, and some lightness in your life.


Karin X



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