And I won, I actually won! Thanks to all of you…

And the winner of the 2016 Orange Award is….

I won. I actually won. I have been awarded the title of “Best Dutch Entrepreneur in the UK”.  Thanks to all of you. I could never have done it without you.

The Orange Awards, organised by the Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) and  NL-Borrels (a Dutch networking organisation), has three categories (Best Start-Up, Best Entrepreneur and Best Cultural Organisation).

karin-peeters-vitalis-coaching-orange-awardsThe winners were announced at a glamorous Gala Party. The Dutch Ambassador in the UK Mr. Simon Smits and Mr. Alexander Jansens (NL-Borrel) made us feel proud, and afterwards we danced the night away to celebrate!award-ceremony-at-embassy



The week after we received official certificates from the Ambassador Mr. Simon Smits and Mr. Erik Vonk from the Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) at the Embassy of the Netherlands in the UK in London.


Recognition, external validation and true self-worth

karin-awardsHow does it feel to be recognised in this way? My clients and I regularly talk about self-worth. We all know that it has to come from within. That we better not make our confidence dependent on the reassurance of others. Therefore I find it funny that I’m so over the moon with receiving this award. Because I truly believe that self-esteems comes not from external validation, but from knowing who we are, what we stand for in life and how we want to work/live/be. Once we start living aligned with who we really wish to be, we can look in the mirror at night and say to ourselves “I’m proud of how I handled … that argument between my children/giving feedback to my employee/explained to my partner what is going on for me/leading my team… etc”. And that is how we build true confidence. By behaviours based on our integrity. By doing our job and living our life aligned with who we truly want to be. Kind, just, wise, compassionate, patient, clear, honest, friendly, open, joyous, courageous, intuitive, generous, friendly, nurturing… the list of noble qualities we can develop inside of ourselves is endless (and yes we can have an off-day, no need to be perfect, trying our best will do. Apologise, and simply try again).

And hereOrangeAwards I am, glowing about receiving this award. The one who so often talks about developing confidence and self-worth from within! Seems contradictory doesn’t it? I have to admit, it feels good to be recognised for the work I do. Really good. I already knew that when I listen to a client or train a team, that what I do is good, virtuous work. That it has merit. But to have it recognised with this prestigious award does feel really nice.

Especially because one of the main factors the jury took into account was the contribution the nominees make to the Dutch Community here in the United Kingdom. But above all, I feel good about receiving this award, because it once again makes me realise that the way my (working) life looks today is only possible thanks to all of you out there.

Personal Video Message

So please take a moment to watch my personal video message of gratitude, of celebrations, of sharing of my joy and for me to say THANK YOU. Vitalis Coaching would not exist without my clients, family, teachers, suppliers and friends. This award is thanks to all of you. I feel very grateful, thank you everyone.

Thank you for being my client, for voting for me, for believing in me!

With love, Karin

“Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received” ~ quote by Henry van Dyke.

Winner Orange Awards

More info for coaching or therapy in Dutch in the UK:

My company website:


The Orange Awards were made possible by:

dutch embassynbcc nl borrels

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I’m nominated for Best Dutch Entrepreneur in the UK. Would you like to vote for me to help me win?

Orange Awards Best Dutch Entrepreneur in UK

I’m nominated for the Orange Awards – Best Dutch Entrepreneur in the UK. I’m over the moon! Every time I think about it, I get this massive smile on my face. It’s that amazing to me.

I’d be honoured if you believe I deserve to win and would give a few seconds of your time to vote for me.


Vote to help me win:


What are the Orange Awards?

The prestigious Orange Awards are an initiative from NBCC (Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce), the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and NL-Borrels (an established Dutch networking organisation).

Fifty percent of the decision is based on a public vote (here is where you come in! VOTE HERE) and the other fifty percent comes from a professional jury of prominent members of the Dutch community in the UK. On November 12th 2016, the winner will be announced during a festive party in London to celebrate in style.

Vote to help me win:


Words of gratitude

To each and every one of you who made Vitalis Coaching to what it is today: I am eternally grateful. Me doing work that I love, this nomination, the way my life is today: it would not have been possible without you. From my heart, I thank you.


My personal video message

Lol first line I say I’m speechless about being nominated, and then I talk for 7.12 minutes! Haha. If you are curious about the background of this prestigious Orange Award, the story of how I got where I am today and if you need some convincing (imagine, lol!) of why you’d want to vote for me, please do watch:


Coaching, Therapy and Executive Training for Dutch nationals in the UK

About one third of my coaching and therapy clients are Dutch. They tell me that even though their English is good, it’s still such a relief to be able to speak in their own language. Also, they have a sense that I’ll better understand their situation. After all, I too have left The Netherlands to live and work in this country, with all its challenges and joys. It’s only an hour flight, but at times it feels very far away from the safety-net of our Dutch family and friends. It feels good to create a supportive place away from home for my fellow Dutch in the UK. I did so for 5 years as a committee member of NL-Borrels and for 4 years as a committee member of Nederlandse City Lunches. And I’ll continue as a Coach & Psychotherapist to create a safe, welcoming, supportive and nurturing place for Dutch people away from home.

Besides one-to-one sessions, I also work as an Executive Trainer. I love combining the Dutch directness with genuine care and kindness. Whatever the country or culture of origin of the participants, my way of being models them to have open, honest, transparent and non-threatening communication with each other. My leadership, talent development and team building days are about integrity, authenticity, inclusiveness, trust, accountability, joy and meaning at work, in order to get the best out of yourself, your people and your organisation.


I hope to see many of the Dutch amongst you on the celebratory party on November 12th where the winner will be announced. And alternatively, I would love our paths to cross at another point in time. Thank you for your faith, your trust, your belief in me. It means a lot to me <3.


Vote for me here:


May you be well,

Love Karin


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Doe de gratis dertigersdilemma test!

(this blogpost is written in Dutch)

Doe de dertigersdilemma test

Je bent tussen de 25 en 40 jaar. Je wilt een fijn leven leiden, iets bereiken in je carrière, een gezellig sociaal leven, de partner die helemaal bij jou past en wellicht één of meer kinderen. Oh ja, en misschien ook nog reizen of iets van vrijwilligerswerk om echt wat toe te voegen.30ers dilemma

Je wilt veel en je wilt het goed, misschien wel perfect. Keuzes maken lijkt onvermijdelijk. Maar welke keuzes ga je maken en hoe doe je dat? Ondanks dat je veel bereikt van wat je wenst, voel je je prikkelbaar, moe en verlangend naar iets anders, maar wat weet je niet. Je voelt aan dat er iets niet klopt, maar wat is dat dan? Voeg daar een flink schuldgevoel aan toe, want je zou toch eigenlijk je zegeningen moeten tellen. Ja hoor, grote kans dat je te maken hebt met het dertigersdilemma (ook wel quarterlife crises of de dertigersdip genoemd).

dertigersdilemma test

Om te testen of jij last hebt van het dertigersdilemma kun je kijken of je jezelf herkent in de volgende vragen.


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City London Coach

Coaching and Psychotherapy in The City of London, Ealing and St Albans

Requested by many, and now it’s real: a coaching and psychotherapy room in The City of London! You can continue to book your sessions in Ealing, West London. But now it’s also possible to see me in The City, near Farringdon / Bank. And for those who love the countryside: come to St Albans, Hertfordshire as I’ll be working there as well!

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Indian Ashram Adventures

I was so fortunate to be able to spend the month of January 2015 in an ashram (place of spiritual retreat) in Bangalore, India.

Ashram India Life Coach

The picture shows me with the guru of the ashram, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

One of the things I did in this Indian “Art of Living” Ashram was a course called “Happiness Program”, with about 80 others. Mostly Indian men, maybe 20 women and two handfuls of other foreigners like me. We did yoga, ate vegetarian Ayurvedic food (delicious!), meditated and contemplated life. We spoke about how to be happy. This blog is about sharing some of the questions we were asked and what I have learned.

  • When you feel tired and exhausted, how to get energy?
  • When will you be happy?
  • During the time you propose to stay on this planet, what do you intent to do?
  • And something about the remote control of your life 🙂

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Inspiring Life Coaching Exercise for the New Year

Welcome to your Wheel of Life:

Cheers to being happier in the New Year!

Life and Career Coaching Exercise

The “Wheel Of Life” is an inspiring life & career coaching exercise. It’s ideal to do at a moment of transition, for example at the beginning of a new year or around a big birthday like 30, 40 or 50. Create some me-time and get motivated to make the New Year a good one. The “Wheel of Life” will give you a bird’s eye view of your life and a snapshot of your level of satisfaction with areas like career, money, relationships, and health. The “Wheel Of Life” will help you to look at these different areas and see where you are in balance and what areas might need more attention in the New Year.

You can use the “Wheel Of Life” as a way of understanding what you want in your life, what you have to build upon, and where you want to focus your energy.

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Do “Self Help” books work?

Personal Development Books
My own “Self Help Book Shelf”. Click for video with recommendations.

Self Help Books: can they help us heal?

My gosh, there are sooo many. And if you are like me, interested in this “let’s do this self-improvement thing”, there is enough supply to read for many lifetimes. Which ones to choose? And do they work?

In the video (click on the photograph of my book shelf) or click here you can find my personal favourites. The ones I picked focus on creativity, Buddhist ways of overcoming feeling anxious or low, Eastern Philosophy and finding or improving loving relationships.


Do they work?

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Our myth of being strong

Power of Vulnerability
I highly recommend this TED talk.

I can still hear myself say, many years ago, “I’m so independent, so strong”, my voice full of pride. Gosh how wrong was I. I used to be proud that I was able to take care of myself, that I didn’t need anyone. I think differently now. I’ve realised that there is a difference between being too scared to open up and being proud of emotionally depending only on oneself.

I wonder…. Are we not depending on any one because deep down we are too frightened to surrender and let ourselves be truly seen by another person? Do we fear our so-called “negative feelings” are a burden or that people will dislike us if we show our inner struggles? And do we mask these worries underneath an act of independence and strength?

My new favourite hero Brené Brown came up with a different version of emotional strength. She talks about embracing vulnerability, and the power and courage of showing more of ourselves.

But what is your view? What does it mean to be strong?

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