And I won, I actually won! Thanks to all of you…

And the winner of the 2016 Orange Award is….

I won. I actually won. I have been awarded the title of “Best Dutch Entrepreneur in the UK”.  Thanks to all of you. I could never have done it without you.

The Orange Awards, organised by the Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) and  NL-Borrels (a Dutch networking organisation), has three categories (Best Start-Up, Best Entrepreneur and Best Cultural Organisation).

karin-peeters-vitalis-coaching-orange-awardsThe winners were announced at a glamorous Gala Party. The Dutch Ambassador in the UK Mr. Simon Smits and Mr. Alexander Jansens (NL-Borrel) made us feel proud, and afterwards we danced the night away to celebrate!award-ceremony-at-embassy



The week after we received official certificates from the Ambassador Mr. Simon Smits and Mr. Erik Vonk from the Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) at the Embassy of the Netherlands in the UK in London.


Recognition, external validation and true self-worth

karin-awardsHow does it feel to be recognised in this way? My clients and I regularly talk about self-worth. We all know that it has to come from within. That we better not make our confidence dependent on the reassurance of others. Therefore I find it funny that I’m so over the moon with receiving this award. Because I truly believe that self-esteems comes not from external validation, but from knowing who we are, what we stand for in life and how we want to work/live/be. Once we start living aligned with who we really wish to be, we can look in the mirror at night and say to ourselves “I’m proud of how I handled … that argument between my children/giving feedback to my employee/explained to my partner what is going on for me/leading my team… etc”. And that is how we build true confidence. By behaviours based on our integrity. By doing our job and living our life aligned with who we truly want to be. Kind, just, wise, compassionate, patient, clear, honest, friendly, open, joyous, courageous, intuitive, generous, friendly, nurturing… the list of noble qualities we can develop inside of ourselves is endless (and yes we can have an off-day, no need to be perfect, trying our best will do. Apologise, and simply try again).

And hereOrangeAwards I am, glowing about receiving this award. The one who so often talks about developing confidence and self-worth from within! Seems contradictory doesn’t it? I have to admit, it feels good to be recognised for the work I do. Really good. I already knew that when I listen to a client or train a team, that what I do is good, virtuous work. That it has merit. But to have it recognised with this prestigious award does feel really nice.

Especially because one of the main factors the jury took into account was the contribution the nominees make to the Dutch Community here in the United Kingdom. But above all, I feel good about receiving this award, because it once again makes me realise that the way my (working) life looks today is only possible thanks to all of you out there.

Personal Video Message

So please take a moment to watch my personal video message of gratitude, of celebrations, of sharing of my joy and for me to say THANK YOU. Vitalis Coaching would not exist without my clients, family, teachers, suppliers and friends. This award is thanks to all of you. I feel very grateful, thank you everyone.

Thank you for being my client, for voting for me, for believing in me!

With love, Karin

“Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received” ~ quote by Henry van Dyke.

Winner Orange Awards

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