Why do people choose to use their time and money to visit a Life Coach?

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Why my clients hire me for Life Coaching

Why do my clients come to see me? What are the reasons people visit a Life Coach? Why would you spend your hard-earned money and scarce free time to receive coaching? I guess each Life Coach attracts a specific kind of client group, and below are some of the main reasons why my clients hire me.

Regardless of faith (I’ve worked with Catholics, Buddhists, Sikh, Jewish, Hindu, Muslims, just to name a few), age (my clients are between 19 and 70 years of age), gender (a bit more women than men, but only slightly more), nationality (my clients come from over 50 different countries, including Great Britain, The Netherlands, India, Canada, America, South-Africa, Italy, Greece, and also places like Trinidad & Tobago, Somalia, Jamaica, Chile, Nigeria and Finland)… they all seem to have similar reasons for wanting to work with a Life Coach:

1)   To find direction

When I speak to my clients during the free taster session, their first words are often something like “I’m feeling stuck, lost or at a cross-roads and indecisive of the choices to make”. Wishing to get back in touch with their intuition, following their hearts and having the courage to follow their truth, regardless of the opinions of others, become the aim of our sessions.

->  Knowing what I really want, and making it happen.

2)   To stop feeling “not-good-enough”

We all know this one; “I’m not skinny/promoted/paid/supported/young/beautiful enough”. It might be there all the time or it might pop up around certain people or situations. It’s about overcoming a lack of self-belief and starting to feel stronger inside. The harsh commentator inside the head gets switched off as a result of the sessions, and more self-love and acceptance takes its place.

-> Feeling confident and becoming kinder to myself.

3)   For career decisions

Work-life balance is a favourite one, dealing with stress or coping with challenging colleagues or managers. Often it’s about getting a sense of contributing something worthwhile to the world. Most of our waking time is spend at work, so it might as well be fulfilling, and a representation of what we truly care for, making us feel proud of what we do.

-> Knowing what my ideal job is and making the steps towards getting it.

4)   Off course, love

A crucial part of our well-being, and therefore a regular subject during coaching, is our need to be loved. The trouble of finding a partner, problems in existing relationships or the pain of losing them are discussed, understood and healed. Regardless if it’s friendships, motherhood/fatherhood, intimacy, sexuality, social life or romance; we all like to feel liked, cared for and accepted for who we are.

-> Receiving more love and also giving more love to others.

5)   To get rid of anxiety or low moods

This one has to do with the fact that I am also a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist. Some of my clients like to “dig a bit deeper” and heal some long persistent feelings of being down, or getting anxious/insecure/wobbly/panicky at inconvenient moments.

->  Being calm inside and experiencing a sense of inner peace.

To cut a long story short: many of the clients who come to see me for Life Coaching aim for joy, love, purpose, clarity, self-esteem, serenity and for increasing spirituality and creativity in their lives. If you’d like to improve your overall sense of well-being too, feel free to contact me for a free taster session: http://www.vitaliscoaching.com/Free-Call-Back.html.


This Blog has been featured in Bodyline Fitness Studios in West London: http://bodylinestudios.co.uk/2014/03/five-reasons-hire-life-coach-spring/

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