If he/she were different, more like me…


If my child/spouse/partner/friend were different, more like me… then everything would go so much easier. I’d be happy. Today’s blog is about a topic that isΒ so often spoken about, but often misused or misjudged: the differences between introverts and extroverts.

Please stop telling your child to talk more if they are naturally more comfortable in silence in the background. Please stop taking it as a personal rejection if your partner needs lots of time alone. Please forgive your spouse for talking out loud about trivial things. We don’t do any of these things to bother the other. There is no cruel intention. We are just being ourselves. Please love us for who we are. And love them just the same in return.

Interested to find out more? Susan Cain wrote a great book on introversion called QUIET and there is a free TED.com video online, about the power of introverts. A bit of Googling the terms “introvert vs extrovert” will tell you lots more, or the MBTI Myers Briggs Index measures your own type. Enjoy the exploration!

Oh and don’t do this “they should love me first for who I am, then I will love them for who they are” πŸ™‚ Find generosity in your heart and make the first step. Cheers to LOVE!


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